Our Simple Guide

At ATTIC Teas we use the tag line ‘Live Lighter’. It means different things to different people, but always with a sense of positive change. We meet many lovely people, all who come to ATTIC Teas for different reasons. It may be to improve digestion or sleep, it may be to feel more balanced and calmer or it might be to help access deeper levels of what is going on for them.

So what teas would be best for you? Here is a simple guide to help...

If you want to focus on something specific e.g. getting rid of a cold, supporting your digestion, needing an energy boost:

Wellness Blends as we have added useful medicinal herbs to each tea.

If you want to improve all-round health:

Chinese Teas as they act as tonics, namely strengthening all aspects of the body, building resilience and vitality.

Are you looking for a tea that tastes like a normal tea bag tea with milk as you know you drink too much of it but a herbal tea just isn’t the same?

All The Tea In China Blend a mix of all the nourishing Chinese teas blended together to taste like a more traditional tea with milk.

All our teas are loose leaf and of exceptional quality, packed full of beneficial nutrients. You can re-use the same leaves 2 or 3 times through the day, hydrating your body, considerably reducing your caffeine intake and ensuring you get all the beneficial nutrients from the leaves.

Last but by no means least, if you are looking to use tea for personal and spiritual growth:

Sacred Tea Meldings ideal as soul medicines to help you heal deeper parts of yourself.




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