A buyers guide to tea


Our Herbal teas are for everyday niggles that need attention. For example lacking concentration, feeling a cold coming on, feeling anxious or stressed. We take useful aspects of the tea plant, such as the immune-boosting effects of green tea or the energising qualities of oolong tea, and make the effects more potent with the addition of certain herbs, known for their medicinal properties in that particular area. We have created our 10 Herbal teas as a solution to help people address common everyday problems in a natural, effective and simple way.


We have 5 Chinese teas, the best one from each of the 5 tea genres: white, green, oolong, black and pu-erh.

Their subtle but powerful effects on our daily health is the reason we have given them the strap line 'Drink Life Differently'. But what does that 'Differently' mean? It is hard to quantify exactly, we know it means more energy, better sleep, better digestion and so on, but there is something beyond that. What we are really offering is what the Chinese call 'Yuan Chi'. It is the energy and vitality that is contained within all of us.

Over time, the research into our 5 Chinese teas, has highlighted not only their shared benefits but also their individual ones. With their high levels of nutrients and the unique trinity of ingredients (caffeine, L-theanine and antioxidants) that are known to raise serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, all 5 teas will support your body's functioning and provide that 'calm wakefulness'.

If you are unsure which to tea to choose or prefer the taste of a 'normal' tea, you might find our ATTIC Blend a fantastic choice as it is a mix of all 5 of the Chinese teas and offers all their benefits. It also tastes just like a 'normal' tea with milk!