Meditation Boxes

The Chinese Teas we share have the ability to help calm and centre our minds due to the unique effect their nutrients have on our brain chemistry. When working with them mindfully and with clear intent, they can offer us a gateway into better understanding ourselves, helping us develop better awareness of what is going on for us - a fact the monks in China have known for millennia.

But this is not a passive process.

There are the more subtle layers of our consciousness that need to be accessed for this transformational work to begin. The TeaSpirit of each tea is a special tincture created to work like a vibrational essence, amplifying the effects of the tea for this more conscious and meditative work. This is great news for those who struggle with stilling their minds, as the tea is doing most of the work for you.

The tea is meditating you.

Each box contains all you need to begin your own practice with tea. You can also attend one of our regular tea circles to be introduced to this practice (details of upcoming events here)

Ingredients of all TeaSpirits: tea leaves, organic grain alcohol, Baiju, sacred willow well water.



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