Live Lighter 5 Day Plan

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Welcome to the Live Lighter 5 Day Plan!

Avoid drinks with sugar, calories, dairy, sweeteners or gluten. In their place are antioxidants, minerals, amino acids, complex nutrients and great fresh flavours. 

If you are going with the loose leaf version, simply put a pinch in your tea maker and for better hydration top up the same leaves for a second cup.

If you are going with the tea bags, add a teaspoon to your 'make your own drawstring tea bag (provided), leave the tea bag in the cup and when you are nearly finished top up again.

The teas follow the natural cycle of the day from light to dark, the lighter teas in the beginning of the day will lift and stimulate you while the darker teas later in the day will ground and relax you.

It's a perfect system, designed by nature, delivered by us.