Sleep Tea

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For many people, difficulty dropping off to sleep has little to do with lack of tiredness and a lot to do with stress and worry.

To quiet the thoughts and begin to wind down, chamomile and lavender have a gentle sedative and soothing effect. Even just smelling the lavender will begin to put you to sleep.

Rose is renowned as a nerve tonic, great for ‘raising the spirits’, making this tea excellent for combating stress and helping you slow down and relax.

These herbs combine well with the Pu’erh tea which grounds and nourishes the body, promoting a more restorative sleep.

Ingredients: pu'erh tea, lavender, chamomile & rose.

Weight 60g

Comes in a biodegradable resealable pouch. 

Occasionally people may find they have a mild reaction to certain herbs. Also it is good to advise avoiding therapeutic doses of any herb during pregnancy.



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