Comforting Tea

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Pu'erh tea, rooibos, orange & vanilla.

Stress and worry can often lead to over-exhaustion and lethargy. Along with a busy life and other people to constantly consider, it is important to allow yourself some ‘me’ time to relax and breathe.

Orange peel, Rooibos (or redbush as it is also known) and vanilla are all aromatic and calming herbs, soothing hyperactivity and helping the mind and body to slowly unwind.

The coupling of the nutrient-rich rooibos and the grounding and nourishing Pu-erh tea creates a wonderfully earthy blend that should have your mind and body fuelled and rested in no time.

Weight 100g

Comes in a biodegradable resealable pouch. 

Occasionally people may find they have a mild reaction to certain herbs. Also it is good to advise avoiding therapeutic doses of any herb during pregnancy.



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