Energising Tea

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Oolong tea, ginger, cinnamon & lemongrass.

Cinnamon bark, lemongrass and ginger root have been long valued for their medicinal properties. Their spicy, stimulating nature makes them great for promoting good circulation, ideal for those sedative desk jobs.

They warm the digestive tract helping boost weak digestion, offering relief to its many symptoms and helping you avoid the post-lunch energy slump.

Believed to have mood- enhancing properties, these herbs offer the perfect pick-me-up; helping keep you productive and motivated all day, blending well with the balancing oolong tea.

Weight 85g

Comes in a biodegradable resealable pouch. 

Occasionally people may find they have a mild reaction to certain herbs. Also it is good to advise avoiding therapeutic doses of any herb during pregnancy.



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