All The Tea In China Blend

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Drinking Chinese tea helps us to engage the ‘rest, relax, digest’ state (the opposite of fight or flight), producing the best conditions for our body and mind to heal. Its adaptogenic action helps us attune to our emotional and physical surroundings, building resistance to stress.

The ability of Chinese tea to synchronise our hemisphere function (raising serotonin and dopamine levels) means that it has been highly sought after and fought over for centuries.

Tea made China the most powerful economic force in the world in the 19th Century, and later had a very important role to play in the rise of the British Empire. 

Such was the demand for Chinese tea that whoever had control of the supply, effectively had control of the world. Click here to read more about this fascinating period in history.

Thankfully the process of importing this remarkable tonic is much more straightforward today and we are able to buy directly from the farmers in small fresh batches.

This unique blend contains all five Chinese teas and is the perfect tea to drink everyday.



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